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Wish You Were Here 39

(Aug 12, 1920)  Dear Mrs. Sayer, We just came home from a trip at sea.  We saw the flying fish it was great it sure made us all feel good.  The Fraternity Brotherhood held their convention over here, and I belong to that in Oakland.  I am to all their meetings.  Love to all, ?

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Wish You Were Here 38

(1921) Dear Mother – We are out here for the day.  A most beautiful ride by boat for about 35 miles each way.  Saw seals and flying fishes.  Chub didn’t ge se sick.  Our trip so far has been fine.  Love to all from us both – Tom

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Wish You Were Here 37

(1910)  Dear Percy, Many thanks for letter.  Having a fine time, we dipped baby along Banning beach.  We have a nice porch to sit out on, we could recognize the cistern alright but you want to practice up on the house.  From Aunt Annie

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Wish You Were Here 36

(1907)  Dear Ruth, I am having a swell time.  I groan every time I think how soon school begins.  Don’t you?  Charlotte

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Wish You Were Here 35

(1938)  Dear Mrs. Kaler,  You should fire your Doctor and come over here for a month.  I’ll take care of your bird while you come.  Yours Very Truly, J. A. Simmons

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Wish You Were Here 34

(Aug 4, 1917)  Having a pleasant week here – not feeding the fish however.  Don’t you owe me a letter?  Coral

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Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July from the Catalina Island Museum!

The museum staff will be marching in the parade today, so make sure to come out and wave!

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Summer is officially here in Avalon!  With schools out and Fourth of July just around the corner, the crowds have finally returned to Avalon.

We hope to see you all at the Museum this summer!

This is a photo of a Miss Catalina speedboat racing up to greet a steamer as it makes its way into Avalon Bay.

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Wish You Were Here 33

(Sept 3, 1908)  Dear Friend Harry, Didn’t go to the dance tonight.  Was invited out to supper and had a fine time.  It is very quiet on the Island now.  I have just two more days in the store.  Taking Inventory.  Thanks for the beautiful orange orchard scenes.  Wish I were there picking oranges.  Sincerely Nettie

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Wish You Were Here 32B

(1941) Sunday Morning, I am thinking of you as I am visiting here.  Hope you are all in Good Health.  Yours Truly, James Anderson

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