About this Blog


The folks here in the research center have a unique opportunity to encounter the many little gems and tidbits of Catalina trivia and history hidden within the archives.  This blog is our attempt to share these interesting finds with the you, the public.

The Duke and Christina

The Duke and Christina

The blog is currently maintained by Christina, our Collections Intern/Research Assistant.  Her job sends her digging through photo archives and old newspapers, while trying to locate answers to research questions.  Along the way she unearths juicy little moments in Catalina’s past and presents them to you here.  After all, why should we have all the fun?  Christina believes in making the archives accessable to all those interested in Catalina History, especially to past and present Island locals.  There is nothing more fun than finding yourself or someone you know in the historical record!  Other members of the Research Center will pop in from time to time as well.

We hope you enjoy our finds as much as we enjoy sharing them with you!



  1. What a great job!!! Hey Christina, If you ever want to give up your job keep me in mind :~}

    Is there a way to subscribe to your blog??

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