Posted by: catalinamuseum | 02/04/2010

Plein Air Painting Exhibit Open!

The Plein-Air Art Exhibit is now officially open at the Catalina Museum!

For those of you who have dropped by the museum these past two weeks, you may have noticed our curator Jeannine hard at work in the back gallery assembling our new exhibit.  Though sad to take down the Hollywood Exhibit, we are all very excited about the collection of paintings that Jeannine has brought together for this year’s Plein-Air Art Exhibit.  Artists represented this year include Joseph Paquet, Brian Stewart, Denise Burns and more.  We are even lucky enough to display a historic painting of Sugar Loaf by William Silva.

En Plein-Air translates from French to “in the open air” and refers to paintings  that are done outside in natural light.  This technique became very popular in the mid-1800s when the invention of paint in tubes and the portable box easel made taking your work outside of the traditional studio and into the field much easier.  The object of this style of painting is to capture the feel and colors of natural light on objects and landscapes.  A good example of this school of thought would be the French Impressionists such as Renoir or Monet.

Plein-Air painting has quite a history here on the Island.  Founded by Catalina artist Denise Burns, the Plein-Air Painters of America held their first exhibit on Catalina in 1986.  Artists would come together on Catalina each year, spend a week painting together, and then the gathering would culminate with a grand exhibition and sale of the new pieces.  The Society for the Advancement of Plein-Air Painting (SAPAP) was established on Catalina in 1996 with the purpose of educating the public on Plein-Air style and history as well as to encourage artists to enter the field of Plein-Air painting.

The museum invites everyone to come check out our new exhibit and learn more about Plein-Air painting!  The exhibit will be running from now until June.



  1. Can you send me the list of the participating artists in this years Plein Air event?

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