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St. Catherine’s Goat

This article was published in the Catalina Islander on April 27, 1920.   The photo was found in a collection of Island Company negatives and was taken from the pier in front of the Hotel St. Catherine, though it is most likely not a photo of the culprit.   I added two more photographs of goats in town just for fun.

Billy Goat with a Crimson Beard
“Spike” The wild goat which has been at the hotel St Catherine since he was three weeks old has recently developed a characteristic gum eating.  For some weeks the goat has had the run of the grounds, the porches, etc.  He never molests the flowers, but he is fond of palm leaves.  Early in the morning he visits each rocking chair and settees in the grounds and picks off the wads of chewing gum that have been placed about them for safe keeping.
By Mr Kellogg of New York wrote the following lines.
St Catherine had a goat
Twas very fond of gum
It hunted round beneath the chairs
And made itself to “hum”
And when it couldn’t find the gum
For want of something better
It sneaked around and very soon found
A nice sweet lady’s sweater
And when this goat had “et” the coat
He walked away contended
But ah the lady’s wail!
Likewise she lamented!
With fear and shame this haughty dame
Awaited another day
For fear her name would bear the blame
If the poor goat passed away


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