Posted by: catalinamuseum | 10/17/2009

To Mrs. Wrigley

I found this poem printed in the Catalina Islander from January 28th, 1925.   There was no author credited, it only stated that it had been written for the Islander.  I love the stylization!

“To Mrs. Wrigley”
Fair Lady of the Mount,
When you descend
All hats are doffed,
All knees do bend
In adoration.
From your high estate
You look not down
With distant, haughty stare,
On those who dare
To gaze upon the Queen;
But, with your gracious mein,
Both felt and seen,
You cause each humble heart
To sense a kinship,
And, with noble art,
That knows no barrier of pride,
You set aside
All thought of aught
Save that those charming gifts
Of charity and grace
Are shining in your face,
And that Hope still may spring
Because you bring
The sunshine of your smile
To wreathe our Magic Isle.
We thank you.

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