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Catalina: The Magic Isle

I have been doing research on the Chicago Cubs that involves going through a couple decades of newspapers.  I ran across this today and couldn’t resist posting it.

An excerpt of Ordinance No. 190 printed in the March 4, 1931 Catalina Islander, regarding the licensing and regulations of certain kinds of businesses carried on in the City of Avalon:

“Section 18. ASTROLOGERS, PALMISTS, PHRENOLOGISTS, ETC For every person who carries on, practices or professes to practice the business or art of astrology, palmistry, phrenology, card reading, fortune telling, cartomancy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, crystal gazing, hypnotism, mediumship, prophecy, augury, divination, magic or necromancy, and who demands or receives a fee for the practice, exercise or exhibition of his art therein, or who gives an exhibition thereof at any place where an admission fee is charged, $10.00 per day”

It was nestled between a section for street stands and one for baggage or freight transport.

Another favorite listing was Section 27. Peddling Fruit, Vegetables, Food Products, Gasoline, etc.  One of these things is not like the other!

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Did you know…

Did you know Albert Einstein visited Catalina Island?  I found this tucked into the Social and Personal announcement section of the Catalina Islander, dated February 25, 1931:

“Dr. Albert Einstein and Dr. Robert A. Millikan of Pasadena were Avalon visitors Sunda, crossing the channel in the palatial yacht “Valeria,” owned by Captain Allen G. Hancock.  The two great scientists walked along Crescent avenue and returned to the yacht without announcing their arrival.”

I love finding little bits like that!

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A Quick “Poll”…

Can you tell what these photos are about?

Lets try a different angle –

It took me awhile to figure them out (in real life they are very very small photos.)  All the sudden it clicked and I realized I was looking at people sitting on the tops of poles!  How random!  The second photo looks as though it might have been taken on the roof of the Hotel St. Catherine. 

This last photo may not be a pole, but it came with the other two so I thought I would include it.  Enjoy!

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Friday (Class) Photo

With classes back in session, I decided this week’s Friday Photo would be an old class picture from Avalon School.  I am unsure what year this was taken.  I love how so many of the kids are blocking sun out of their eyes. 

How many Islanders can you name?

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Wish You Were Here 43

(1940)  Hi Ida:  Hope that you are having a good time during vacation.  I’m having a swell time here at Catalina.  Say hello to any of the kids you see, for me.  Joe W.

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Friday Photo

Because the last 15 minutes of work on a Friday are always the hardest of the week, I have decided to start doing a Friday Photo post where I share one of my favorite finds of the week.  That way I get to enjoy my last 15 minutes, and you get a fun photo to look at!

This week’s photo shows a group of fisherman on the Pleasure Pier playing cards and killing time between customers.  The man in white is Captain Parker Pence, whose family donated this photo.

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Off to the Beach!

With the last days of summer upon us, I thought I would post a few beach scene photographs.  I particularly love the face the man in the middle photo is making.  And if only we could all be as stylish as the ladies in the last photo!  Enjoy!

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Wish You Were Here 42

(Oct 21, 1926)  We are here for a couple of days.  Passed this home on a drive this after-noon.  Just enjoying every minute.  Love M.C.H.

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Wish You Were Here 41

(1910)  Dear Ginger – Well what do you think of little Jim?  I guess he is a mighty fine boy.  Lots of Love, ?

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Wish You Were Here 40

(1908)  I have just got back from a fishing trip. I had a fine time.  I got 4 large yellowtails.  Your Uncle, Ed

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